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Recorder Wizard Recital Pieces: Pupil's Book

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Soprano (Descant) Recorder
Instrumental Album
Chester Music
Continuing the magical story of Johnny, Sophie and the Recorder Wizard, by getting ready for your first ever recital!
In this edition, the Wizard conjures up your very first programme of pieces, beginning with simple three-note tunes and gradually progressing to more challenging melodies as your confidence grows. The CD is packed with help - first you can hear the tune you are trying to play so that you know you've got it right! You can then play the piece with a full backing track, either at a slower practice speed, or as a full performance at normal speed. With this method you will gain the experience of playing accompanied from the word go!

The Wizard wants everyone to hear you play, so this book even comes with a free poster so you can promote your first ever concert performance!

A companion to the book Recorder Wizard Tutor! (Catalogue number CH68574). A full book of home and classroom accompaniments for Piano, Guitar and Percussion are available (Catalogue number CH69443)