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CD - Piva - Morisco! – Italian Dance and Song Music from the Italian Renaissance.

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Piva - Morisco! – Italian Dance and Song Music from the Italian Renaissance. 

The latest CD from the group, Morisco! contains a selection of Italian pieces from across the 16th century, some lively with the “big band” sound of bagpipes and shawms, through to the contemplative beauty of the solo viol.  Tight consort playing is Piva’s forte and this is especially highlighted the sonorous sounds of the great recorder consort.  The CD showcases Piva’s unique style with innovative arrangements played on a wide variety of instruments.  

“anyone who loves early music has to have this CD in their collection. Seriously.”

“Beautifully played, great packaging and stunningly well recorded.”


Since forming in 2002, Piva have established themselves as one of the UK’s leading early music ensembles and they specialise in the popular dance and ballad music of the late renaissance.  Playing an array of period instruments, their fresh, innovative and energetic approach has captured the imagination of audiences wherever they perform.   Multi-instrumentalists, with backgrounds in renaissance, classical, jazz and roots music, they combine their influences to create music of the past played for today.