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Thomas Campion: The Third and Fourth Booke of Ayres for Voice and Lute, Viol or Orpharion

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Viol, Voice, Lute
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Thomas Campion (Composer)
Broude Europa

Facsimile of Campion's 3rd and 4th Book of Ayres for Solo Voice accompanied by Lute, Viol or Orpharion. Book 3 Songs: Oft have I sigh'd; Now let her change; Were my heart as; Maids are simple some men say; So tyr'd are all my thoughts; Why presumes thy pride; Kinde are her answeres; o griefe, o spight; O never to be moved; Breake now my heart and dye; If Love loves truth; Now winter nights enlarge; Awake thou spring; What is it that men possesse?; Fire that must flame; If thou long'st so much; Shall I come sweet love?; Thrice tosse these Oaken; Be thou then my beauty; Fire, fire, fire, fire, loe here; O sweet delight; Thus I resolve; Come, o come my lifes; Could my heart more; Sleepe angrie beautie; Silly boy 'tis full Moone yet; Never love unlesse you can; So quicke, so hot; Shall I then hope. Book 4 Songs: Leave prolonging; Respect my faith; Thou joy'st fond boy; Vayle love mine eyes; Every Dame affects good fame; So sweet is thy discourse; There is a Garden in her face; To his sweet Lute; Young and simple though I am; Love me or not; What meanes this folly?; Deare if I with guile; O Love where are thy shafts?; Beauty is but a painted hell; Are you what your?; Since shee, even shee; I must complaine; Thinkest thou to seduce; Her fayre imflaming eyes; Turne all thy thoughts; If any hath the heart to kill; Beauty since you; Your fayre lookes; Faine would I wed.