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Thomas Campion: The First and Second Bookes of Ayres for 1-4 Voices, Lute and/or Viols

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Ensemble, Voice, Lute
Sheet Music
Performer Facsimiles
Thomas Campion (Composer)
Broude Europa
Facsimile of Campion's 1st and 2nd Books of Ayres to be sung to the Lute and Viols, in 2, 3 and 4 Parts or by 1 Voice to an Instrument. Book 1 containing Divine and Moral Songs: 4 Parts: Author of light; The man of life upright; Where are all thy beauties now? Out of my soules depth; View me Lord a worke of thine; Bravely deckt come forth bright day; To Musickee bent is my retyred minde; Tune thy Musicke to thy hart; Most sweet and pleasing; Wise men patience never want; Never weather-beaten saile; Lift up to heaven sad wretch; Loe, when backe mine eye; As by the streames of Babilon; Sing a Song of joy; Awake thou heavy spright; 3 Parts: Come chearfull day; Seeke the Lord; Lighten heavy heart thy spright; Jacke and Jone they thinke no ill; 2 Parts: All lookes be pale. Book 2 containing Light Conceits of Lovers: 3 Parts: Vaine men whose follies; How eas'ly wert thou chained?; Harden now thy tyred hart; O what unhopt for sweet supply; Where she her sacred bowre adornes; Faine would I my love disclose; Give beauty all her right; O deare that I with thee; Good men shew if you can tell; What haveth halfe so sweet is?; Sweet exclude me not; The peacefull Westerne winde; There is none, o none but you; Pin'd I am and like to dye; So many loves have I neglected; Though your strangenesse; Come away, arm'd with loves; Come you pretty false-ey'd; A secret love or two; Her rosie cheekes; 2 Parts: Where shall I refuge seeke?