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Thomas Campion and Philip Rosseter: A Booke of Ayres set forth to be song to the Lute, Orpherian, and Base Violl

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Viol, Voice, Lute
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Thomas Campion (Composer), Philip Rosseter (Composer)
Broude Europa

Facsimile of A Booke of Ayres to be sung to the Lute, Orpherian, and Bass Viol published in 1601. Songs by Thomas Campion: My sweetest Lesbia; Though you are young; I care not for these Ladies; Follow thy faire sunne; My love hath vowed; When to her lute; Thurne backe you wanton flier; It fell on a sommers daie; The Sypres curten; Follow your Saint; Faire if you expect admiring; Thou art not faire; See where she flies; Blame not my cheekes; When the God of merrie love; Mistris since you se much desire; Your faire lookes enflame; The man of life upright; Harke all you Lsdies; When thou must home; Come let us sound with melodie. Songs by Philip Rosseter: Sweete come againe; And would you see; No grave for woe; If I urge me kinde desires; What hearts content; Let him that will be free; Reprove not love; And would you faine; When Lura smiles; Long have mine eyes; Though far from joy; Shall I come if I swim; Aie me that love; Shall then a trayterous; If I hope I pine; Unlesse there were consent; If she forsakes me; What is a daie; Kind in unkindnesse; What then is love but; Whether men doe laugh.