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Camac Bardic 22 Nylon Strings In Lime Green

Height: 77 cm
Width: 31 cm
Depth: 49 cm
Weight: 5.0 kg

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Harp, Lever Harp
Bardic 22
The Camac Bardic harp is available with 22 or 27 Special Bardic Harp Strings . Camac are one of the world's leading Celtic harp specialists, and their beautifully made harps have modern harp tension and advanced easy to use semi tone levers. The new Bardic family of Celtic harps is not only intended for beginners, but also for amateurs and for travelling harpists, who will find in the Bardic range a lightweight harp ideal to transport. Strung with Special Bardic Nylon strings (standard spacing), a rich and powerful sound, and equipped with Camac's outstanding metal levers, the Bardic harps can be played either set directly on the floor, or raised on legs. In addition to their fine acoustic qualities, the Bardic harps are competitively priced, making them affordable to as many harpists as possible. Once you have one in your hand, you will not be able to put it down: it will enchant your ears, delight your eyes and accompany your journeys...

Woods used: birch and beech for the body and spruce for the soundboard
Finishes: mahogany, cherry, maple, black, dark blue, dark green, lime green(apple green), orange, purple(violet) and red.

Size: 22 strings : 77 cm 
Size: 27 strings : 92 cm  

Weight: 22 strings : 5 kg
Weight: 27 strings : 6 kg
Range : 22 strings : A1 to A22
Range : 27 strings : A1 to C27

Strings: special Bardic nylon (A1 to A22
), Alliance KF Bardic (G23 to C27)

                               Camac Bardic 22 & 27 String Harp Lap Bar