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EMS English Harpsichord Kit

Height: 20 cm
Width: 90 cm
Depth: 190 cm
Weight: 23.0 kg

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EMS English harpsichord kit (incomplete kit, please ensure you read all of the details below or contact us prior to making your purchase)
The English harpsichord, designed by Peter Barnes with the Early Music Shop, is a brass-strung 2x8’ harpsichord with case and matching stand in walnut and is based on scaling developed from a Keene and Brackley spinet c. 1715. The kit parts are made from solid timber through out and are fully machined, ready for assembly. A full scale drawing, instruction manual, colour photographs are all included to ensure ease of assembly.

Walnut casework through out with detachable lid, stand, lid stick, folding music desk, sitka spruce soundboard, ebony and boxwood key slips and solid brass fittings. 2 x 8' wooden registers and guides, wooden jacks, tongues, delrin plectra and brass strings.

Disposition: GG - f3
Transposing: A=440/ 415
Dimensions: Case 6' 3" long, 35" wide and 8" deep. (1.9m x 0.9m x 0.2m)
Stand 25" high. (0.64m)

* Please note this kit is packed to order and the expected delivery is 3-4 weeks from the date of  placing your order.

Bargain Basement

Was £2,869.00 Now £2,100.00

Final Reduction on our last few remaining kits due to some parts missing and slightly imperfect parts.
(please read details below as some parts are missing and are slightly imperfect)
Now £1,495.00
Final reduction for partly assembled kit £1,295.00

Our last few remaining kits are of slight second quality and missing a number of parts including the soundboard, wrest plank capping, hitch rail/mouldings, which you would need to make yourself from the drawings supplied. Please note, some of the kit parts supplied maybe slightly imperfect or of second quality or warped and may require adjustment or remaking. Our last few kits are supplied with partly assembled caseworks which may require some adjustment to the remaining kit parts supplied. Other parts missing are the complete set of strings, jack spring wire and axle wire and the jack plectra. However, these are available to purchase from The Early Music Shop separately now, or at a later date. 

For further information, please ask for details.  

(only available whilst stock lasts)

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