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Triebert Plastic Recorders - Back In Stock..!

06 May 2015

The Triebert Recorder Range


The Triebert range of plastic recorders are now firmly established in the EMS catalogue and offer an excellent inexpensive choice for the beginner or student player. All sizes from sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor to bass are available in either a matt black or simulated rosewood finish. They come supplied in attractive leatherette cases with joint grease, fingering chart and cleaning pull-through.  The tenors are supplied with a plastic clip-on thumb rest, and the basses come with a neck sling.

The Triebert plastic recorder range are top quality instruments which deliver a rich body of sound, while providing the convenience of durable, maintenance-free resin.  They have conventional baroque fingering, a typically easy response and excellent intonation. All sizes are available in a matched range either in matt black or imitation rosewood from sopranino to direct blow bass, and all are pitched at a=440.

Triebert recorder accessories, including cases and plastic thumb rests,  are also available.

TRIN-3B sopranino recorder black


TRIN-3R sopranino recorder rosewood


TRIS-3B soprano recorder black


TRIS-3R soprano recorder rosewood


TRIA-3B alto recorder black


TRIA-3R alto recorder rosewood


TRIT-3B tenor recorder black


TRIT-3R tenor recorder rosewood


TRIB-3B bass recorder black


TRIB-3R bass recorder rosewood