Exhibitors Listing

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List of exhibitors Greenwich Exhibition 2014

Aafab BV Aura & Coolsma Recorders
Affourtit-Slotboom Bows, Viol, Cello & Violone
Ardival Harps
Thijs Van Baarsel Renaissance & Baroque Transverse Flutes
Nicholas Baldock
Gut Music Strings
Barenreiter Sheet Music Scores
Boaz Berney
Bexley Harpsichords Ltd Harpsichords, Tuning & Hire Services
Bizzi Clavicembali Harpsichord, Bentside Spinets, Fortepiano
Phil Bleazey
Flutes, Whistles, & Recorders
Stephan Blezinger
Philippe Bolton Recorders
Coolsma Recorders
Aura and Coolsma Recorders
Tim Cranmore
Bert Dekker Viols, Baryton & Lirones
Early Music Company Ltd
Printed Music

The Early Music Shop

Early Musical Instruments and Kits, Recorders, Lu Mi Viola da Gamba, Early Strings, Woodwind, Antique & Rare, Percussion, CDs and Accessories
Early Music on CD CDs & Books
Early Music Today
Edition Walhall Urtext & Facsimile Editions, Music Posters & Cards
Matthew Farley Fiddles & Viols
Fretwork Sheet Music
Galpin Society
Journals and Membership Information
Aurelie Georges
Baroque Bows
Julian Goodacre
Bagpipes & Books
Green Man Press
Sheet Music
Hanchet & Heller
Renaissance Woodwind
Benjamin Hebbert
Baroque Violins, Violas, Cellos, Bows and 18thc Instruments Suitable for Conversion
Eitan Hoffer
Jacks Pipes & Hammers
Publications, facsimiles & modern editions
J M Instruments
Lutes/Mandora Gallichon
Brian Jordan Music
Sheet Music
Kingham MTM Cases Ltd Musical Instrument Cases
Henk Klop
Continuo Organs
Doris Kulossa Handmade Recorders
K√ľng Recorders Studio & Superio Recorders
Gerhard Landwehr
Historical Bows
Barry Lloyd
Tabor Pipes
London Early Music Shop
Facsimiles and Sheet Music
London Pro Musica
Sheet Music
Lu Mi Viols Lu Mi Viola da Gamba, Baroque Violins, Violas & 'Cellos
Shem Mackey
Small 6 String Bass Viols, Treble Viol & 7 String Bass Viol
Terry Mann
Early Stringed and Wind Instruments
Moeck Editions Sheet Music For Recorders
Moeck UK Baroque and Renaissance Recorders
Mollenhauer Recorders School, Baroque, Renaissance & Modern Recorders
Christopher Monk Instruments
Cornetts & Serpents
Morley College
Richard Moser Baroque & Classical Bows, Baroque Violins
Eric Moulder
Renaissance Woodwinds, Curtals, Shawms, Crumhorns & Baroque Bassoons
The Music Room Workshop
Early Keyboard Instruments
Ralf Netsch
Orlando Lutes
Renaissance Lutes & Cases
OUP Books & Journals
Luca De Paolis
Copies of Historical Recorders
Jim Parr
Shawms and Bagpipes
Simon Polak Traversos
Tom Prescott
Baroque & Renaissance Recorders
David Rattray Violins
Recorder Centre Bremen
Recorders & Accessories
Recorder Music Mail/Recorder Magazine
Music Books, Sheet Music & CDs
Stephen Robinson Spinets after Thomas Hitchcock
Joachim Rohmer
Handmade Recorders
Rondo Publishing
Music Publications
Roger Rose Baroque & Renaissance Bows
Kai-Thomas Roth
Bowed Stringed Instruments
Ruby Viols
Ruby Gambas
Marco Salerno
Viols, Lutes, Baroque Guitars, Colascioni, Fiddles, Rebec & Vihuela
Schott Music Ltd
Printed Sheet Music
Ekkard Seidl
Violin, Viola, Violoncello & Viola d'amore
Micha Silkenat
Society of Recorder Players
CDs Music and Promotional Literature
Marc Soubeyran
Violins and Viola Da Gamba
George Stevens
Renaissance Lutes, Gothic Harp, Gittern & Citole
Jonathan Swayne
Bagpipes, Whistles & Flutes
Hiroyuki Takeyama
Giovanni Tardino Flutes Copied from Historical Originals
Thames Valley Early Music Forum
Workshop Literature, Information about UK Early Music Forums
Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance Prospectus, Course Information and Details on Performance Programme
Trouvere Music Works
Mediaeval & Renaissance Stringed Instruments
Used Instrument Agency
Second Hand Early Musical Instruments
Paul van der Linden
Baroque oboe after 'Anciutti' oboe d'amore after 'Baur' oboe da caccia, classical oboe after 'Grundmann & Floth'
Mark W Venn
Renaissance Windcap Instruments and Music Software
Viola da Gamba Society Music, CDs and Newsletters
Von Huene Workshops Inc
Recorders and Early Flutes
Martin Wenner Recorders & Flutes
West Dean College
Musical Instruments, Viola Da Gamba
Andrew Wooderson Harpsichords, Tools, Spares & Accessories