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Folk Music & Books

Dulcimer Mixed Songbook

A beginning method for the appalachian dulcimer with a unique new approach to solo melody and chord playing.

Harp Instrumental Tutor
The first book in a long series of Harp repertoire by Sylvia Woods.
Harp, Voice Vocal Album
Edited by David Watkins
Soprano (Descant) Recorder Instrumental Album

English Folk Tunes For Recorder contains 62 traditional songs arranged for the descant (soprano) Recorder.

Alto (Treble) Recorder Score
Deirdre's Fancy; Fairy Dance; Saddle the Pony; Leitram Fancy; Off to California; Merry Blacksmith; T...
Bodhran Instrumental Tutor
Accomplished and renowned percussionist Steafan Hannigan details all the intricacies of traditional Bodhran playing. Suitable for beginners with its gentle and careful progression through the techniques using numerous examples and exercises.


Soprano (Descant) Recorder

Mollenhauer 4119 Dream Soprano

Soprano (Descant) Recorder

Adri's Dream recorder soprano (descant) c'', red glitter, plastic, baroque fingering, double hole.

Soprano (Descant) Recorder

Adri's Dream recorder soprano (descant) c'', pearwood, baroque fingering, single hole.

Soprano (Descant) Recorder

Adri's Dream recorder soprano (descant) c'', dark blue, plastic head, wooden body, baroque fingering...


Harp, Lever Harp Instrument
By Camac

Bardic harp 27 nylon strings in purple. Camac are one of the world's leading Celtic harp specialists.

Harp, Lever Harp Instrument

EMS 'Heather' Harp with 22 strings and semitone levers

Harp, Lever Harp Instrument

EMS 'Pixie' Harp with 19 Strings and semi-tone levers

Harp Instrument

Made from walnut the EMS 8 string knee harp is strung in nylon and has beautiful Celtic interlace carving on both side of the soundbox.

Dulcimers & Psalteries


EMS mountain dulcimer. There are as many shapes and styles of dulcimers as there are players and mou...

Dulcimer Instrument

EMS Mountain Dulcimer 5 String in Lacewood

By Hora

Hora Alto Psaltery Bowed Including Bow And Padded Bag

By Hora

Hora Soprano Bowed Psaltery Including Bow And Padded Bag


Frame Drum

Frame drum 22” x 2”. Early style of bodhran originally from North Africa, solid bent hoop, natural ...


EMS Bodhran Tuneable Rosewood 16" x 5"

EMS Bodhran Indigo 14" x 3.5"
EMS bodhran tuneable green 14" x 3.5"