How to Order
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Purchasing items on our website is just like buying it at a shop - you put the item(s) you want to purchase in your basket, then go to the checkout to pay. If you don't have an account with us already, you give us your name and address, and you can choose whether you'd like to set up an account and save your details. The very last step in the process is to make your payment, so you can change your mind at any stage before that.

Your Basket

To select any item, simply click on the 'Add To Basket' button next to its description or on its details page. Just because you've put an item in your basket it doesn't mean you have to purchase it - you can always remove it later.


The basket page lists the items you have chosen, the cost of each one, and the running total so far. When you get to the basket page, there are various changes you can make to the items you have selected:

  • Remove an item from the basket by clicking the 'remove' link.
  • Change the number of copies of an item you want by changing the quantity to the required number, then clicking the 'Update' button.
  • Calculate the shipping charge, which will depend on where you want your order delivered, and which shipping options you choose.

Note: If you can't see anything in your basket, your browser may not be set up to accept cookies Check your browser's privacy or security settings to find out.

When you have finished shopping, are happy with what's in your basket and want to place your order, press the 'Proceed To Secure Checkout' button to give us your delivery and billing details.


If you are a returning customer and have previously set up an account with Early Music Shop, enter the email address and password that you specified to sign-in to your account.

If your email or address details have changed, you can set up a new address and save it with your account details.

If you have forgotten your password, click the password reminder link and we will email it to you. If you still have problems, you can either order without signing-in or email for assistance.

Entering Your Details

which we must have when you place an Early Music Shop order, so we can process it smoothly. Please be as complete and accurate as possible:
  • Address Details: If you have a short address that doesn't take up many lines, you can leave some of the fields empty. They are labelled as Optional.
  • Telephone Number: This is required as part of our fraud-screening procedure. It will be kept completely confidential and will only be used to contact you in extreme circumstances.
  • Shipping Options: We have a variety of shipping options available, so that you can pay extra for faster delivery. The exact options depend on where you are having your order delivered to.
  • Email Address: Please ensure that this is correct as you will need this information to track your order. We will also send an order confirmation message to this address when your order has been placed.

If you don't already have one, you can now save your details in an Early Music Shop Account. We advise you to choose a new password for your account, not one that you use anywhere else on the web. It is possible to place your order without creating an account, but it does mean that you can use the same details again on your next visit.

Completing Your Order

Before you enter your payment details you will be shown a summary of your order so that you can review your purchases, your address and your delivery options, and correct any mistakes. Don't forget, there is no commitment to complete your order until you enter your payment details right at the end.

When you are happy with all your details, click the Continue button to arrange payment.

Online Payment

Make sure you enter an expiry date and the Card Security Number. Some Switch, Maestro and Solo debit cards also require an issue number. When you have finished, press the 'Place Secure Order' button. Your order has now been placed.

Offline Payment

If you don't have a credit card, or don't like to use it on the web, you can send payment by phone, fax or mail. Select the Phone/Fax/Cheque/Bank Transfer option, then press the 'Place Secure Order' button to place your order.

You will be given a phone or fax number to call with your credit card details or a mailing address where you can send us a cheque or postal order. Your order will be sent out as soon as we have received and verified payment.

Order Confirmation

When you place your order, your card details are automatically transmitted to our bank for authorisation, so please be patient, as this may take a few seconds. The bank will usually either accept your card or decline it, and the result is displayed on the following 'Order Status' page.

If there are no problems and your card is authorised by our processing sytem, your order will be accepted and passed on to our distribution centre. You will be given an order number, which uniquely identifies your order. Please quote this number if you need to contact us about your order.

Even if your card is accepted at this stage, we do not take any money from you immediately. We do not charge your card until after your order has been sent out to you.

If there are any problems with your order, you will be told that it has been declined. This may be because you entered your details incorrectly, there could be a problem authorising your card, or there may have been a temporary problem with our processing system.

There should be a message telling you why your order was declined so you can go back and try it again, or call your card-issuer. If the message is not clear or you continue to have problems, call us on ++44 01274 288100 or email

A confirmation email message, summarising your order and its status, will be sent to you when your order is accepted. This email includes the order number, order summary and a link to our Order Tracking page, so you can keep track of the status of your order.