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York Waits Concert & Workshop Saturday 14th September


from September 14, 2013 01:00 PM
to September 14, 2013 05:00 PM


Salts Mill, Victoria Road, Saltaire, West Yorkshire BD18 3LA, UNITED KINGDOM


The Early Music Shop Presents:
The York Waits will be holding an INSTRUMENTAL/ VOCAL WORKSHOP on Saturday 14th September, ahead of a CONCERT in the evening to be held at the United Reformed Church, Saltaire..



“The White Rose and the Red”
Music from the age of Richard III

Tickets £10 available from July 1st from The Early Music Shop Tel: 01274 288100

The White Rose and the Red

Music from the age of Richard III
King Richard III, who perished in battle in 1485 and whose remains were finally rediscovered only this year, continues to fascinate the public. But his turbulent times were also an age of innovation and excellence in music and the arts. In this concert, The York Waits, joined by singer Deborah Catterall, explore the music – courtly and popular – of Richard’s lifetime, including compositions he would have encountered at home and overseas. The Waits play the wind and stringed instruments of the 1400s, including shawms, sackbut, lute, rebec, gittern, recorders and bagpipes.

The York Waits are:
Tim Bayley (shawm, recorder, harp, pipe and tabor, curtal, crumhorn, hurdy gurdy, trumpet)
Susan Marshall (rebec, fiddle, renaissance violin, percussion)
William Marshall (sackbut, recorder, flute, bagpipes, gittern, crumhorn, trumpet)
John Peel (lute, shawm, recorder, pipe and tabor, bagpipes)
Lizzie Gutteridge (shawm, bagpipe, recorder, fiddle, rebec)
Deborah Catterall (voice)


Tim Bayley will be leading the workshop together with Deborah Catterall (voice).

1pm-5pm, Salts Mill, Saltaire, W Yorks BD18 3LA

Instruments - all variety of early instruments welcome. Repertoire will be tailored to suit any consorts or mixture that is required.

Music - music will be provided on the day.

Cost - £20.00 for the session.

You can register your interest by calling 01274 288100 or emailing


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