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Soprano (Descant) Recorder, Tenor Recorder Part
Soprano (Descant) Recorder, Tenor Recorder Score
Includes exercises, revisions, trill charts, ornaments and embellishments for duets, trios and quart...
Alto (Treble) Recorder, Tenor Recorder Score
Tenor Recorder Score
Medieval Nights for Tenor Recorder Solo by Pete Rose.
Soprano (Descant) Recorder, Tenor Recorder Instrumental Work
By Zen-On
Composed for one recorder player, using two descant recorders (one modern pitch, one baroque), a tenor recorder and a tam-tam.
Soprano (Descant) Recorder, Alto (Treble) Recorder, Tenor Recorder Instrumental Album
Geoffrey Winters: Reflections for Solo Recorder
Tenor Recorder Part
Part of the Modern Recorder Series. The title comes from the use of notation, as this work consists ...
Harpsichord, Tenor Recorder Score
Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata in D minor for Tenor Recorder and Harpsichord Obbligato
Soprano, Violin, Tenor Recorder Score and Parts
Laberintos is a song cycle for Soprano Voice, Tenor Recorder and Violin upon text by Jorge Luis Borg...
Piano, Soprano (Descant) Recorder, Tenor Recorder Score and Parts
Progressive Short Pieces for Descant or Tenor Recorder and Piano: The Lonely Piper; A Romp; Bourée; ...