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Soprano, Violin, Bass Voice Score and Parts
Soprano, Tenor, Soprano (Descant) Recorder Score and Parts
The composer's English Cantatas with recorder obbligato; charming, melodious, and not demanding tech...
Mezzo-Soprano, Soprano, Tenor Score and Parts
One of the very successful theatre pieces produced by Pepusch
Soprano, Bass Voice, Continuo Score and Parts
The first two of the four dialogues are amusingly written in a simple pastoral style.
Soprano, Tenor, Continuo Score and Parts
An example of the composer's simple style of cantata; verse sections with repeated melody, some reci...
Soprano, Bass Voice, Lute Score and Parts
Versatile songs from the Jacobean era, which may be performed as solo songs or duets, rich in musica...
Soprano, Voice, Continuo Score and Parts
Mainly chord-like passages with highly decorated cadences, affirm that life separated from the loved...
Soprano, Voice, Continuo Score and Parts
A gentle, almost hymn-like duet, with some imitative passages.
Soprano, Voice, Continuo Score and Parts
Imitative passages alternate with chord-like progrssions; some agility needed to sing the written ou...
Soprano, Voice, Continuo Score and Parts
Madrigal about the sadness that love brings,contains some striking harmonies, and finishes with extr...