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Viol Score and Parts
Volume one of Bonizzi's collection of 1626 for Viol da Gamba and Continuo
Viol Score
Francesco Rognoni's Viola Bastardas from his 1620 treatise, 'Selva di varie passaggi'.
Viol, Continuo Score and Parts
9 Recercadas on "Tenores" for Viol and Continuo from Ortiz's “Trattado de glosas”.
Viol, Soprano (Descant) Recorder, Treble Clef Instruments Score and Parts
Viol, Lute Score and Parts
Divisions by Dalla Casa on five madrigals by Cirpiano da Rore: Anchor che cor partire; Ben qui si mo...
Viol Score and Parts
Virtuoso viola bastardas on five chansons: Mais languiray je by Clemens non Papa; Ung gay bergier by...
Ensemble, Viol Score
6 Duets for 2 Viols by Caresana.
Ensemble, Viol Score
11 Duets for 2 Viols by Strozzi.
Ensemble, Viol Score
Pange Lingua by Caresana. 20 Compositions for Viol Duet.
Ensemble, Viol Score
13 Neapolitan Compositions for Viol Duet by baroque Masters.