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Keyboard, Voice, Lute Score
With lute tablature, and keyboard realisation
Cello Score and Parts

Galli's 12 Sonatas for Cello Solo from 1691.

Violin, Continuo, Violone Score and Parts
Leonarda's Op.16 Sonatas from 1693. Complete edition (score presented over 2 volumes).
Recorder Ensemble, Viol Ensemble Score and Parts
Volume 1: the Fantasies
Soprano, Trumpet, Violin Score and Parts

brilliant contest of singer and trumpet

Violin, Alto (Treble) Recorder Score
Chamber Group, Recorder Ensemble, Viol Ensemble Score and Parts
8 instrumental trios by Dowland, Johnson, Holborne, Ferrabosco.
Viol Score and Parts
18 tunes from the Elizabethan era
Violin, Trio, Alto (Treble) Recorder Score and Parts
Also suitable for flute and oboe
Soprano, Bass Voice, Lute Score and Parts

Serene and moving lute songs and duets from the Jacobean era