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Harpsichord, Piano Instrumental Album
Edited by Thurston Dart. A critical edition of the famous book first published in 1612-13, with 21 pieces by Byrd, Bull and Gibbons.
Harpsichord, Piano Instrumental Album
Ten pieces from Music Britannica by Renaissance composer, John Bull. Set for the ABRSM Harpsichord grade 8 examination.
Piano Instrumental Album
Edited by Thurston Dart


Alman: G major; Alman: G minor; Callino Custurame; Coranto: A minor; Coranto: C major; Coranto: Lady Riche (ascribed); Galiarda: A; Galiarda: D; Galliard The Earl of Salisbury; Gigg: F Tregian; La Volta (FWVB 155); La Volta: Lady Morley; Pavan: The Earl of Salisbury
Rowland; Wolsey's Wilde (Wilson's Wild)
Harpsichord, Piano Instrumental Album
Twelve pieces by John Bull, Giles and Richard Farnaby, Orlando Gibbons, Leonhard Woodson and others are here collected to make an attractive anthology of English keyboard music found in the precious Lynar A manuscripts.
Piano Instrumental Album

Alman; Bull's Goodnight; Chromatic Galliard; Chromatic (Queen Elizabeth's) Pavan; Coranto 'Kingston'; Germain's Almain; Irish Toy; My Jewel; My Self; Prince's Coranto; Prince's Galliard; Revenant
Harpsichord, Piano Instrumental Album
Edited by John Harley.

This volume contains keyboard music of Peter Philips not included in the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book.
Harpsichord, Piano Instrumental Album
Edited by Thurston Dart. A transcription of the MS. Panmure 9 in the National Library of Scotland, with keyboard pieces by Byrd, Bull and Wilbye in the hand of Matchett
Harpsichord, Piano Instrumental Work

All eighteen pieces in this collection are reliably dated to the reign of James I, and whether by named composers or anonymous ones, appear in sources other than the notable Virginal books preserved in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.