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Keyboard, Voice, Lute Score
Keyborad reduction of lute and viol parts only
Keyboard, Voice, Lute Score

With lute tablature and keyboard transcription

Flute, Recorder, Viola Da Gamba, Harpsichord Accompaniment, Lute Score

From the collection La Flûte Ancienne by Jean-Claude Veihlan, Folie D’Espagne is a piece for Recorder and Lute, Harpsichord or Viol. Initially part of the 'Second Book Of Pieces For The Viol' by Marin Marais, this work contains 32 verses and requires advanced skills and technique (rapid rhythms, accidentals).

Medieval Mandolin Volume 2 by Allan Alexander.These medieval pieces sound great on the mandolin.
Lute Score

Rose e Viole. Anthology from Tablatures by Pietro Paolo Borrono and Francesco da Milano for Lute, edited by Paolo Cherici

Viol, Voice, Lute Score and Parts

A Pilgrimes Solace: The Ayres or Songs a 3 and a 4 for Voices, Viols and Lute

Lute Score

Works for Lute by renaissance composer Perino Fiorentino.

Lute Score
Prelude, Fugue and Allegro BWV 998 for Baroque Lute by J.
Guitar, Voice, Lute Score
Twelve of the best-known English Lute Songs of John Dowland, presented so that they can be sung with...
Flute, Soprano, Violin, Lute, Chalumeau

For Soprano, Chalumeau, Flute/Oboe, Violin, French Lute and Continuo