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Viola, Continuo, Bass Recorder Score and Parts
C.P.E. Bach's Trio Sonata for Bass Recorder, Viola and Continuo written in 1755.
Bass Recorder Score
By Donemus
Blue Mosque for Bass Recorder Player possessing a Baritone Voice by Jacques Bank.
Bass Recorder Score
By Donemus
Quattro Stagiono for 4 Bass Recorders by Boudewijn Tarenskeen.
Bass Recorder
By Ricordi
Perla for Bass Recorder for Bass Recorder by Dai Fujikura.
Bass Recorder Score
Klapstük is a modern piece composed by Claudia Spahn in 1989 for Bass Recorder solo.
Bass Recorder Score
Noturno is for 1 Recorder Player (playing Bass Recorder and 2 Gongs) and Tape.
Bass Recorder Score
The Voice of the Crocodile requires the player to sing for a majority of the piece and also use exte...
Guitar, Bass Recorder Score
The recorder part may be performed either with a bass instrument exclusively or alternating with a b...
Guitar, Alto (Treble) Recorder, Bass Recorder Score and Parts
By Schott
Soprano (Descant) Recorder, Alto (Treble) Recorder, Bass Recorder Score
By Schott
For one player, alternating between descant, treble, tenor and bass recorders.