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Tenor Recorder Part
Part of the Modern Recorder Series. The title comes from the use of notation, as this work consists ...
Recorder Ensemble, Alto (Treble) Recorder, Tenor Recorder Score and Parts
Soprano (Descant) Recorder, Alto (Treble) Recorder, Tenor Recorder, Bass Recorder Instrumental Work
The Chinese Pictures for solo flute (s) (1993) were composed for the premiere played by the solo flutist…
Flute, Oboe, Soprano (Descant) Recorder, Tenor Recorder Score
Jacques Hotteterre: Ornamented Airs and Brunettes for Solo Flute edited by David Lasocki.
Tenor Recorder Score
Medieval Nights for Tenor Recorder Solo by Pete Rose.
Tenor Recorder Score
Drei Bagatellen for Tenor Recorder by Stefan Thomas.
Continuo, Tenor Recorder Score and Parts
Dieupart: Suite I in G Major for Tenor Recorder (or Descant) and Basso Continuo.
Piano Accompaniment, Alto (Treble) Recorder, Tenor Recorder, Sopranino Recorder Score and Parts
Peter Hope: Bramall Hall Dances for Recorder and Piano (or guitar)
Tenor Recorder Score
By Donemus
Haiku for Tenor Recorder by Jan Guichelaar.
Tenor Recorder Score
Braun's Five Meditations for Tenor Recorder