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Harpsichord, Piano Instrumental Album
Handel's Keyboard Works 2 - Second Set Of 1733 are presented here in this highly accurate and scholarly-critical Urtext edition.
Harpsichord, Piano Instrumental Album
An authoritative edition of six Partitas by J.S. Bach, no.s BWV 825 - 830, with full editorial history and historical context.
Harpsichord, Piano Instrumental Album

An authoritative edition featuring 26 short melodic works for Keyboard by J.S. Bach, brimming with melodic invention and Baroque elegance - required repertoire for the accomplished Pianist.

Harpsichord, Soprano (Descant) Recorder Instrumental Work
By Dowani
Dowani 3 Tempi Play Along
Harpsichord, Piano Instrumental Work
Goldberg Variations (BWV988) (Klavieruebung, Part 4) (Urtext).Paperback edition
Harpsichord, Organ, Piano Instrumental Album
An authoritative Urtext edition of Keyboard Inventions No.s 1-15 and Sinfonia No.s 1-13 by JS Bach.
Harpsichord Score
Duphly's Harpsichord Pieces is in two volumes and the compilation remains a favourite in the Harpsichord repertoire.

Jacques Duphly (1715-1789) studied the Harpsichord and Organ as a boy, becoming a virtuoso of both instruments. Comprising Gavottes, Menuets, and other works, this second volume of La Pupite's collection of Duphly's Harpsichord Pieces,, exemplifies the composer's skills on the Harpsichord. The second volume of Harpsichord Pieces also helpfully contains a table of ornaments, demonstrating how each should be performed. Duphly's Harpsichord Pieces is essential to the repertoire of aspiring players of the instrument.