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Cello, Flute, Continuo Instrumental Album

With Cello ad lib

Flute, Oboe, Violin, Continuo, Alto (Treble) Recorder Instrumental Album

The “lessons” published every two weeks in Telemann’s music periodical “ Der getreue Meister” (The Faithful Music Master) are the first known examples of musical pieces in instalments.

Flute, Alto (Treble) Recorder Score and Parts
Would also be suitable for flute
Flute, Oboe, Alto (Treble) Recorder Score
Flute, Soprano, Violin Score and Parts

A story of star-crossed lovers; the drama includes a storm scene and a rescue by the gods.

Flute, Violin, Alto (Treble) Recorder Score and Parts

Suitable for Treble Recorder, Flute, Oboe, Cornetto, Violin or Trumpet

Flute, Keyboard, Alto (Treble) Recorder Instrumental Work

1-3 of Barsanti Op. 1 Six Sonatas for Treble recorder. Also suitable for Flute

Flute, Keyboard, Soprano (Descant) Recorder Instrumental Work

Suitable for flute or Descant recorder. With solo part and piano score.

Flute, Trio, Alto (Treble) Recorder Score and Parts

Also suitable for flutes, oboes or violins