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Piano Accompaniment, Alto (Treble) Recorder Instrumental Album
A trio of fabulous compositions, by talented composer Geoffrey Winters, for Treble Recorder and Piano. With the tranquility of a still lake in Lakeland Lyric to the spirited Downland dance, these are Sound scapes in the true sense!
Flute, Piano Accompaniment Instrumental Work

Eleven Sonatas for Flute (Treble Recorder) and Basso Continuo (Piano). This new Urtext edition draws on all available sources, incorporating the revised version of the Halle Handel Edition to produce a definitive reading for the new millennium.

Piano Accompaniment, Soprano (Descant) Recorder Instrumental Album

Selected Minuets For Descant Recorder (Violin, Flute, Viola da gamba) and Basso continuo TWV 34 from the collection "Zweites sieben mal sieben und ein Menuett".

Oboe, Piano Accompaniment Score and Parts

Antonio Vivaldi's Sonata In C Minor For Oboe And Basso Continuo RV 53, Arranged by Helmut Schlövogt. Also suitable for Flute and Violin.

Piano Accompaniment, Harpsichord Accompaniment, Alto (Treble) Recorder Instrumental Work
Piano Accompaniment, Soprano (Descant) Recorder
One of the finest pieces in the repertoire
Piano Accompaniment, Soprano (Descant) Recorder
Piano Accompaniment, Soprano (Descant) Recorder Score and Parts

Magical Mozart - 17 Famous Pieces for Descant Recorder and Piano (with CD).

Piano Accompaniment, Soprano (Descant) Recorder Score and Parts

Pete Rose: Kid from Venezuela for Descant Recorder and Piano