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Tarling's second book strikes at the heart of musical performance with a study of the relationship b...
A guide to the recorder, with care and mainenance advice.
All Instruments Theory
By Viking
Complete six-part series on early musical instruments (DVD)
Soprano (Descant) Recorder Instrumental Reference
Michael Vetter's Instructions and Exercises for Players of New Recorder Music.
String Instruments Instrumental Reference
Siminoff's Luthiers Glossary is a first-edition compendium of more than 800 technical terms used in the design, construction, and production of stringed musical instruments.
Contains fifty essays commenting on the social, historical, theoretical, and performance contexts of...
Handel's Messiah: A Rhetorical Guide by Judy Tarling
The latest copy of Early Music Today magazine published by Rhinegold.
A comprehensive guide to recorder maintenance by Britain's foremost recorder maker.
Looks at the changing nature of plainsong through the history of Western music, showing it not to be...