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An interesting look at the scholarly issues surrounding Bach's Passions.
The authentic performance of sixteenth-century music involves more than just reading the notes.
Twelve distinguished scholar-performers offer essays in this volume on new and intriguing aspects of...
This book provides an ample background of textual and historical information about Handel's Messiah.
Ethnomusicology: A Very Short Introduction by Timothy Rice
Ensemble, Voice, Treatise Facsimile
Facsimile of the Description of a Maske, presented before the Kinges Majestie at White-Hall, on Twel...
A guide to editorial procedures suitable for music written from the Middle Ages to about 1830.
Intended for anyone interested in music for the lute, guitar and vihuela from the fifteenth century ...
By Moeck
Decent understanding of how recorders work has been fairly recent, and this book offers the most com...
By Faber
Arguably the primary source of information about eighteenth-century performance practice, covering n...