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All Instruments Theory
By Viking
Complete six-part series on early musical instruments (DVD)
This book is a compendium and practical guide for musicians and music lovers alike, putting a great many problems and questions relating to the viol, and music in general, into perspective.

The book enables the performer to better understand this music and advance their technical and expre...

The Traité de l'harmonie of Jean-Philippe Rameau is one of the most important books in the history of Western Music.
This book details the history of the transverse flute from 1500 until the early nineteenth century.
Blending musical and social history, Kelly illuminates the ongoing debate about authenticity, the de...
Contains fifty essays on the social, historical, theoretical, and performance contexts of Medieval and Renaissance music.
Knud Jeppesen. The Polyphonic vocal style of the Sixteenth Century.
Handel's Messiah: A Rhetorical Guide by Judy Tarling
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