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Knud Jeppesen. The Polyphonic vocal style of the Sixteenth Century.
Alfred Mann. A classic study of the theory and practise of fugue in two parts - a comprehensive historical survey of writings as the fugue - and an exploration of the four 18th century studies which are its classical presentations.

Provides a profound new understanding of how Renaissance composers understood their art.

Explores the significance of Bach's counterpoint.
An anthology of Musical Examples from Gregorian Chant to J.S.Bach with historical and analytical notes.
By Novello
This book provides an ample background of textual and historical information about Handel's Messiah.
Looking at the influences on Purcell's unique musical style, comparing it to others of his time, and...
Looks at the history and practical uses of Gregorian Chant.
An interesting look at the scholarly issues surrounding Bach's Passions.

This books offers well-founded and easily understood guidance on interpretation of early music.