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A comprehensive historical and technological study of the pianoforte based on primary source materia...
Studies the different approaches to fret spacing from the 1520s to the 1740s by a variety of figures...
Bagpipes Accessory

Blondel - Medieval Music for Bagpipes Book 2 - an arrangement of 6 tunes by Lizzie Gutteridge

Intended for anyone interested in music for the lute, guitar and vihuela from the fifteenth century ...
Covers a wide range of performing issues on keyboard instruments from seventeenth to the nineteenth century.
Instrumental Reference
This superior study by a leading authority is considered the definitive work on woodwinds.
The history of organs built between AD 900 and the present day.
Twelve distinguished scholar-performers offer essays on new and intriguing aspects of baroque keyboard music.
The first book of the English Solo Song guides to the repertoire, focusing on lute song.
A comprehensive history of musical instruments ranging from prehistoric times the the twentieth century.