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By Faber
Arguably the primary source of information about eighteenth-century performance practice.
String Instruments Instrumental Reference
Siminoff's Luthiers Glossary is a first-edition compendium of more than 800 technical terms used in the design, construction, and production of stringed musical instruments.
Piano Instrumental Reference
J. Cree Fischer. A simple and accurate method for amateurs.
A comprehensive historical and technological study of the pianoforte based on primary source materia...
This book is a compendium and practical guide for musicians and music lovers alike, putting a great many problems and questions relating to the viol, and music in general, into perspective.
A comprehensive guide to recorder maintenance by Britain's foremost recorder maker.
By Moeck
Decent understanding of how recorders work has been fairly recent, and this book offers the most com...
This book looks at the modern repertoire available for the recorder, supplying the practical informa...
The latest copy of Early Music Today magazine published by Rhinegold.
Covers a wide range of performing issues on keyboard instruments from seventeenth to the nineteenth century.