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Harp Instrumental Reference
A unique and definitive work that traces the development of the harp from its earliest origins to the 21st Century. A fully comprehensive view of every model, make and modification!
Intended for anyone interested in music for the lute, guitar and vihuela from the fifteenth century ...
By Moeck
Decent understanding of how recorders work has been fairly recent, and this book offers the most com...
By Faber
Arguably the primary source of information about eighteenth-century performance practice, covering n...
This book looks at the modern repertoire available for the recorder, supplying the practical informa...
Covers a wide range of performing issues on keybaord instruments from seventeenth to the nineteenth ...
All Instruments Theory
By Viking
Complete six-part series on early musical instruments (DVD)
The history of organs built between 900AD and the present day, taking full advantage of recent resea...
Twelve distinguished scholar-performers offer essays in this volume on new and intriguing aspects of...
A comprehensive guide to recorder maintenance by Britain's foremost recorder maker.