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Simply the best book for beginner viol players, this ring-bound book tells you everything you need t...
Judy Tarling's book is now regarded as 'indispensable' for the understanding of baroque performance practice, not only for string players, but also for wind and continuo players and conductors.
Spinet Instrumental Reference

Making A Spinet by Traditional Methods - John Barnes

A guide to the recorder, with care and mainenance advice.
All Instruments Theory
By Viking
Complete six-part series on early musical instruments (DVD)
Written to expand the horizons of all those who love the instrument, this book will prove invaluable.
Flute, Oboe, Soprano (Descant) Recorder Instrumental Reference
Jaques-Martin Hotteterre. A treatise of central importance in the historical development of the flute, with discussions on ornaments and embellishments of the period.
Harpsichord, Organ History

In this book Christensen combines all the figured bass authorities of the time, adding comments and examples of his own.


Decent understanding of how recorders work has been fairly recent, and this book offers the most com...

A comprehensive guide to recorder maintenance by Britain's foremost recorder maker.