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Ensemble Facsimile

For two, three and four voices.

Ensemble, Treble Clef Instruments, Lute Facsimile

Telemann: Der Gertreue Music Meister

Ensemble, Viol Facsimile
Facsimile of Gibbons' 9 Fantasies in 3 Parts published in partbook format: Altus, Tenore and Basso.
Flute, Ensemble Facsimile
Facsimile of Mouret's 6 Sonatas for 2 Flutes without Continuo published in 1725.
Ensemble, Voice Facsimile

Facsimile of Weelkes' Ayeres or Phantasisticke Spirites for three voices published in 1608.

Ensemble, Violin Facsimile
Facsimile of Leclair's 6 Op. 3 Sonatas for 2 Violins without Continuo published in partbook format.
Ensemble, Viol, Voice Facsimile

Facsimile of Gibbons' First Set of Madrigals and Motets in 5 Parts for Voices and Viols published in...

Flute, Ensemble, Violin Facsimile

Facsimile of Telemann's Paris Quartets 7-12 for Violin, Flute, Violoncello or Viola da Gamba and Con...

Ensemble, Treble Clef Instruments, Continuo Facsimile

Facsimile of Guillemain's 6 Quartets Op.7 for Flute, Violin, Bass Viol and Continuo from 1743.

Ensemble, Violin, Continuo Facsimile
Facsimile of Sammartini's 6 Sonatas for 2 Violins and Continuo published in partbook format.