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Ensemble, Voice, Lute Facsimile
Facsimile of Campion's 1st and 2nd Books of Ayres to be sung to the Lute and Viols, in 2, 3 and 4 Pa...
Ensemble, Voice Facsimile
Facsimile of Byrd's Songs of sundrie natures, some of gravitie, and others of myrth, fir for all com...
Harpsichord, Violin, Voice Facsimile
By Fuzeau
Facsimile of Mondonville's Pieces for Harpsichord with optional Soprano Voice and/or Violin from 174...
Ensemble, Voice, Continuo Facsimile
By Fuzeau
Facsimile of de la Guerre's 2nd Book of French Cantatas for Soprano and Bass Voices and Continuo, so...
Voice, Continuo Facsimile
Facsimile of Daniel Purcell's Collection of new songs with a thorough bass to each.
Flute, Voice, Continuo Facsimile
By Fuzeau
Facsimile of Monteclair's Airs for Soprano and Continuo, that can be played on the Flute.
Voice Facsimile

Facsimile of Monteverdi's Ninth Book of Madrigals for 2 and 3 voices.

Voice Facsimile
Facsimile of the orchestral score of the virtuoso arias from Veracini's opera Adriano.
Voice Facsimile
Facsimile of Verovio's collection of secular canzonettas for 3 voices by various composers including...
Voice, Lute Score
This affordable series of facsimiles of English lute songs is perfect for those who love the English...