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Harpsichord Facsimile
By Fuzeau
Facsimile of Couperin's 1st Book of Pieces for Harpsichord from 1713.
Harpsichord, Ensemble, Violin Facsimile
By Fuzeau
Facsimile of Schobert's 3 Quartets for Harpsichord, 2 Violins and Continuo (ad lib.) from 1764.
Harpsichord Facsimile
Facsimile of Musicks Hand-Maide presenting New and Pleasant Lessons for the Virginals or Harpsichord...
Harpsichord Facsimile
Facsimile of Froberger's 10 Suites for Harpsichord published by Roger, Amsterdam.
Flute, Harpsichord, Continuo Facsimile
Facsimile of Sarti's VI Sonatas for Flute and Continuo and III Sonatas for Harpsichord with a Flute ...
Harpsichord Facsimile
Facsimile of Marchand's 2nd Book of Pieces for Harpsichord published in 1702.
Harpsichord Facsimile
Facsimile of Krieger's Clavier-Ubung published in 1699, containing various Ricercares, Preludes, Fug...
Harpsichord, Treatise Facsimile
Facsimile of Marpourg's Principles of the Harpsichord.
Harpsichord Facsimile
Facsinmile of Corrette's work on accompanying.
Harpsichord Facsimile
Facsimile of Durante's Harpsichord Sonatas.