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It was decided some two years ago to extend the activities of the Early Music Shop into what might be regarded as an obvious new direction - the sale and acquisition of Genuine Antique and Rare Instruments - something we had contemplated from the start of EMS, but we never found the time or inspiration to make a start. For the past two years we have actively sourced as many playable early instruments as possible covering most early (18th century and beyond) woodwind, flutes, oboes etc. but particularly specialising in baroque violins which were either still equipped with their original neck, bass bar or had escaped modification into post baroque set up.

The collection now stands at over 100 instruments and includes instruments from the collections of the late Hermann Moeck and the bassoonist Bill Waterhouse as well as an original 1793 Kirckman Single Manual harpsichord. Each instrument has been catalogued, measured and photographed and many of the stringed instruments have been professionally restored by Colin Nichols (ex W Hill).

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One keyed walking stick flute, fruitwood, circa 1800]
Kirckman Single Manual Harpsichord 1793. Five octave FF-f3, 2 x 8', 4' and buff stops.
Viola d'Amore
Early 20th century viola d'amore
Contemporary double purfled treble viola da gamba
Contemporary English Tenor Viola Da Gamba, by Michael Heale
Viol Bow
German Treble Viol Bow Stamped Walter Mettal
Pochette en Viol circa 1900
Pochette en Bateau attributed to Vidoudez, Geneva, 1937
Toulon boxwood oboe 2 keys & ivory
Viol Bow
English Ivory mounted Baroque style bow by Bultitude, 12364