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World Drums Instrument

EMS Tee Agogo in Maple

Maracas, World Drums

EMS Maracas 18.3cn x 5.2cmØ in Maple

World Drums
EMS monkey drum small. Approximately 2.5" in diameter.
World Drums Instrument

EMS Stir Drum on Stick 10cmØ  in Maple

World Drums
EMS double agogo. The wooden agogo is a modern take on the African agogo bells.
World Drums
EMS 9" festival djembe manufactured from GRP with traditional roping.
World Drums

EMS Stir Drum 11.5cm

World Drums
EMS Cabasa in Maple 6.3cmØ
World Drums
EMS 7" festival djembe made from fibre glass. Colours and designs may vary depending on stock.
World Drums
EMS djembe 14". Hand hewn rosewood with rustic tribal style carvings.