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World Drums
EMS stir drum. 8 graduated tongues of rosewood create the sides.
Single cymbal timbrel. A re-enactment mediaeval timbrel with single cymbal, using only the best qual...
Frame Drum Case
Frame drum 30” x 2” bag
Percussion, World Drums Instrument
EMS Maracas Eggs 8.6cm x 5.2cm in Maple
World Drums
EMS Finger Cymbals 5.5cmØ Cast Brass Cymbals
EMS bodhran tuneable rosewood 14" x 3.5". Bolt tuning is hidden on the inside of the frame, rosewood...
Hand Drum
Hand drum. A simple re-enactment hand drum using only the best calf skins.
Frame Drum
Frame drum 18” x 2”. Early style of bodhran originally from North Africa, solid bent hoop, natural ...
Renaissance Drum
Renaissance drum long shell 13.5” x 19”. A re-enactment renaissance drum with wooden hoops, using on...
Tabor Kit
Tabor kit 14” x 4.5”. A re-enactment mediaeval tabor kit with single snare, using only the best qual...