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By Clarke
Clarke Original tin Whistle D black (boxed)
Tin Whistle Instrument
Shaw whistles are sweet toned instruments, individually voiced to give maximum performance.
By Feadog
Faedog High C Whistle - brass. Inexpensive traditional penny whistle.
By Feadog
Tom Maguire’s classic method has inspired and introduced countless players to the joys of the tin whistle and the Learn to Play The Irish Tin Whistle Red Pack contains everything you need in one!
Bagpipes Reed
By Wallace
Wallace Bagpipes Chanter Reed - cane reed
Ocarina Instrument
By Langley
Langley Ocarina Plastic Poly-oc 6 hole. Plastic ocarina with either red or blue finish.
Dulcimer Instrument
EMS Mountain Dulcimer 5 String in Lacewood
Dulcimer Instrument
By Hora
Hora Hammered Dulcimer with 33 courses, includes padded bag, tuning key and hammers
Tabor Pipe
Ilarionov Tabor Pipe low g tunable, with two joints for major/minor
By Langley
Langley Ocarina Tenor (G) 6 hole. Ocarinas are descended from the ritual clay whistles of South Amer...