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Soprano (Descant) Recorder
By Moeck

5247 Ehlert soprano a=442, grenadilla. Designed by Ralf Ehlert these recorders represent the newest ...

Alto (Treble) Recorder

Mollenhauer Modern Alto in pearwood with double bottom key

Alto (Treble) Recorder

Mollenhauer Modern Alto in pearwood with E-foot joint

Alto (Treble) Recorder

Modern alto (treble) in f', rosewood (palisander) (palisander), with E-foot joint and triple key e/f...

Soprano (Descant) Recorder
By Moeck

1026 Flauto penta, maple. A pentatonic recorder with the scale d2-e2-g2-a2-b2-d3-e3.

Bass Recorder Instrument
By Aulos

This 'Knick' style Bass Recorder is designed for ensemble playing. Full sound in all registers. Comfortable finger stretch and lightweight for easy holding. Double keys for F and F#. Double holes for G and G#. Direct blow mouthpiece. Ivory coloured mouthpiece, two rings and foot. Dark Brown; Baroque (English) Fingering; ABS Plastic; Deluxe carrying bag; joint grease; neck strap; cleaning rod; fingering chart.

Bass Recorder
Paetzold Basset In F, Laminated Birch
Alto (Treble) Recorder
Mollenhauer's Elody Recorder - Space design. 'Electrifyingly cool' alto recorder.
Great Bass Recorder

Paetzold Great Bass in C Edition Blue Thunder

Great Bass Recorder Instrument

Paetzold Great Bass in C Edition Moulin Rouge