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Voice Flute

Voice flute in d, in maple a=415. Takeyama from Japan is regarded as one of the foremost recorder ma...

Voice Flute Instrument
By Sorel

Hand-made Voice Flute after Bressan in European boxwood by Dutch maker Jacqueline Sorel.

Voice Flute
By Wenner

Denner voice flute in D in maracaibo boxwood a=415. German maker Martin Wenner has a deservedly strong reputation.

Voice Flute
Voice flute after P. Bressan in Boxwood a=415 by Stephan Blezinger
Voice Flute
Voice Flute after Denner a=415 by Tim Cranmore
Voice Flute Instrument

Voice Flute (in D) after Bressan in stained boxwood by the Von Huene Workshop