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Tenor Recorder
Mollenhauer 2446KC Comfort Knick Tenor In Pearwood with Double Key and Extra Keys for f & g .
Tenor Recorder
Mollenhauer Canta 'Comfort' tenor c', pearwood, baroque fingering, with double key. Made from pearwood the tenor Canta, 'Comfort' model has a warm, clear and mellow tone.
Tenor Recorder
Denner comfort tenor c', rosewood (palisander), with g & f keys and double key for c/c#.
Tenor Recorder
By Moeck
2940 Flauto Rondo knick tenor, maple, with double keys and extra keys for F&G.
Tenor Recorder Instrument
Moeck 4427 Rottenburgh Tenor, Ebony, Double Keys
Tenor Recorder Instrument
Moeck 4440 Rottenburgh Knick Tenor, Maple, Double Keys
Tenor Recorder Instrument
Moeck 4450 Rottenburgh Knick Tenor, Maple, Double Holes
Tenor Recorder
Tenor, in maple a=415. Takeyama from Japan is regarded as one of the foremost recorder makers.
Tenor Recorder
Tenor in grenadilla a=440. This brilliant tenor is made with double holes for d' and d#', two keys f...
Tenor Recorder
"Loeki" tenor in boxwood a=415. A tenor recorder at a=415 originally designed for the Amsterdam Loek...