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Alto (Treble) Recorder
Denner alto (treble) f', pearwood. In 2002, three years after the death of perhaps one of the greatest recorder makers Fred Morgan, Mollenhauer and the Morgan family began working together on a design of Denner alto to add to Mollenhauer’s already established and award winning Denner series.
Alto (Treble) Recorder Instrument
Moeck 5323 Stanesby Alto a=442, Indian Boxwood
Tenor Recorder
By Moeck
4940 Rottenburgh knick tenor, maple, double keys, with extra keys for G&F.
Sopranino Recorder
By Kung
Kung 2207 Superio Sopranino Grenadilla
Soprano (Descant) Recorder Instrument
Soprano a=442 brazilian boxwood. Takeyama from Japan is regarded as one of the foremost recorder mak...
Soprano (Descant) Recorder
By Yamaha
YRS64 soprano in rosewood. Made for the serious recorder player, the Yamaha YRS61 soprano in boxwood...
Alto (Treble) Recorder
By Moeck
2302 Flauto Rondo alto, pearwood.

The NEW Flauto Rondo series are made from maple or pear wood wh...

Sopranino Recorder
By Aura
Conservatorium sopranino in pearwood. Made in the Coolsma workshops in Holland.
Alto (Treble) Recorder
By Coolsma
Alto in European boxwood. High quality solo instrument from the workshops of Dutch recorder maker Ha...
Alto (Treble) Recorder
By Coolsma
Alto after Bressan a =415, grenadilla. High quality solo instrument from the workshops of Dutch reco...