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Soprano (Descant) Recorder Instrument
Medieval Soprano Recorder in C - maple by Terry Mann
Tabor Pipe Instrument

Tabor Pipe in D - maple by Terry Mann

Chalumeau Instrument

Erik Martens Chalumeau in C

Whistle Instrument
Whistle in D - pearwood by Terry Mann
Flute Instrument
By Wenner

"Unique" Student Baroque Flute in Plumwood a=440 by Martin Wenner

By Aurin
Aurin Palanca flute grenadilla a=415. Fridtjof Aurin works in Germany and makes an excellent copy of...
Gemshorn Instrument
By Cip
Bass gemshorn in F by Czech maker Pavel Cip
By Hanchet
Hanchet shawm mediaeval alto 1 key. A keyed alto in maple with a two piece pirouette ...
By Cip
Cip sub bass gemshorn. The gemshorn was in use in the 15th century (there exists an organ stop of th...
von Huene baroque flute A Grenser a=440/a=415. August Grenser of Dresden was a most prolific and ver...