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Tin Whistle Instrument
Shaw whistles are sweet toned instruments, individually voiced to give maximum performance.
Kortholt Instrument
By Moulder
Moulder kortholt tenor.
By Aurin
Aurin Palanca flute grenadilla a=415. Fridtjof Aurin works in Germany and makes an excellent copy of...
Gemshorn Instrument
By Cip
Bass gemshorn in F by Czech maker Pavel Cip
By Hanchet
Hanchet shawm mediaeval alto 1 key. A keyed alto in maple with a two piece pirouette ...
By Cip
Cip sub bass gemshorn. The gemshorn was in use in the 15th century (there exists an organ stop of th...
By Wiener
Wiener alto gemshorn in g. Peter Wiener makes high quality gemshorns in his German factory.
Weemaels flute student Grenser a=415. Student model after A Grenser in boxwood at a=415 with round m...
Weemaels flute I H Rottenburgh grenadilla a=415. I H Rottenburgh in grenadilla at a=415 with optiona...
Sweetheart professional fife rosewood in d. Made of laminated rosewood, with an improved embouchure ...