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von Huene baroque flute Rottenburgh a=415. This instrument is a favourite with many flute players.
By Moeck
Moeck crumhorn bass in F. Crumhorns are by far the most common of the windcap instruments.
By Cip
Cip sopranino gemshorn. The gemshorn was in use in the 15th century (there exists an organ stop of t...
Tin Whistle Instrument
Shaw whistles are sweet toned instruments, individually voiced to give maximum performance.
Flute Instrument
By Wenner
Wenner Grenser flute a=440 in European boxwood.
By Wenner
Wenner Hotteterre flute a=392 in boxwood after Jean Hotteterre flute.
By Wenner
Wenner Flute after 'Palanca' in Boxwood at a=415.
By Susato
Susato Kildare 2 piece PennyWhistle in G. Excellent yet inexpensive ABS moulded plastic whistles.
Tabor Pipe
Ilarionov Tabor Pipe low g tunable, with two joints for major/minor
By Susato
Susato ABS moulded Kidare PennyWhistle in A. Excellent yet inexpensive ABS moulded plastic whistles.