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By Wenner
Wenner after Grenser flute a=440 in grenadilla.
By Susato
Susato Kildare 2 piece PennyWhistle in Eb. Excellent yet inexpensive ABS moulded plastic whistles.
Tin Whistle Instrument
Shaw whistles are sweet toned instruments, individually voiced to give maximum performance.
By Moulder

Moulder renaissance alto shawm in f. The design for the shawm by Eric Moulder is based upon one whic...

By Moulder

Moulder renaissance sopranino shawm in f. Excellent sopranino shawm with renaissance bell, from the...

Tabor Pipe
By Susato

Susato 3 hole pipe in A. Tabor pipes have two finger holes at the front and one thumbhole at the back

By Cip
Cip tenor gemshorn. The gemshorn was in use in the 15th century (there exists an organ stop of that ...
Fife Instrument
By Yamaha

This quality Yamaha Fife produces an excellent tone and serves as an excellent starting point to learning the beginnings of good flute technique.

By Wiener
Wiener bass gemshorn. Peter Wiener makes high quality gemshorns in his German factory.
By Hanchet
Hanchet shawm renaissance soprano in c. These instruments are based on the best surviving historical...