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By Susato
Susato ABS moulded Kidare PennyWhistle in C. Excellent yet inexpensive ABS moulded plastic whistles.
By Tesluk
Tesluk Panpipe FP-27 27 tubes in C. A range of high quality panpipes made by Tesluk of Poland.
Shawm Reed
Kernbach Moeck sopranino schalmei reed
By Wenner
Wenner Palanca flute a=415 in grenadilla. An excellent copy of an original Palanca flute made of gre...
Curtal Reed
Kernbach reed dul/curtal tenor
Curtal Reed
Kernbach reed dulc/curtal alto
Oboe Reed
By MacEke
Maceke eich b oboe reed a=415
Oboe Reed
By MacEke
Maceke std b oboe reed a=415
Tabor Pipe
By Susato
Susato tabor (3 hole pipe) combination in d, c, & Bb (soprano, 1 Head, 3 Bodies).
Shawm Reed
By Hanchet
Hanchet Alto Shawm Reed