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By Tesluk
Tesluk Panpipe FP-12 12 tubes in C. A range of high quality panpies made by Tesluk of Poland.
By Wallace
Wallace practice chanter reed - plastic reed
By Wiener
Wiener alto gemshorn. Peter Wiener makes high quality gemshorns in his German factory.
Shawm Reed
By Moulder
Moulder reed sopranino shawm
Crumhorn Reed
Kernbach reed windcap bass
By Moeck
Was £400 - NOW £200
Shawm Reed
Kernbach Moeck sopranino schalmei reed
Shawm Reed
By Moulder
Moulder reed soprano Spanish shawm
By Moeck
Moeck crumhorn tenor in c. Crumhorns are by far the most common of the windcap instruments.
Rackett Reed
Kernbach reed rackett bass