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Shawm Reed
By Hanchet
Hanchet Soprano/Sopranino Shawm Reed
By Susato
Susato ABS moulded Kildare PennyWhistle in D. Excellent yet inexpensive ABS moulded plastic whistles...
Crumhorn Reed
Kernbach reed windcap alt
Crumhorn Reed
Kernbach reed windcap ten
Tabor Pipe
By Susato
Susato 3 hole pipe in d. Inexpensive plastic tabor pipe from Susato.
Oboe Reed
By MacEke
Maceke stby b oboe reed a-415
Crumhorn Reed
EMS reed plastic windcap tenor. Made specially in our own workshops, suitable for EMS crumhorn or co...
EMS Alto Crumhorn Kit
Crumhorn Kit
EMS Soprano Crumhorn Kit - with one upward extension key (giving it a chromatic range of c' - d'').
By Tesluk
Tesluk Panpipe FP-15 15 tubes in G. A range of high quality panpies made by Tesluk of Poland.