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By Susato
Susato Kildare 2 piece PennyWhistle in Eb. Excellent yet inexpensive ABS moulded plastic whistles.
Shawm Reed
By Moulder
Moulder reed tenor shawm
Tabor Pipe
By Susato
Susato 3 hole pipe in a. Tabor pipes have two finger holes at the front and one thumbhole at the bac...
Picco transverse flute c'', pearwood, baroque fingering, double hole.
Bagpipes Accessory
Hardie Bagpipe Seasoning
Crumhorn Reed
Kernbach Reed for Moeck Soprano Crumhorn - Cane
Curtal Reed
Kernbach reed dulc/curtal sop
Chalumeau Reed
Kernbach reed moeck soprano chalumeau
By Moeck
Moeck chalumeaux sopranino. The Chalumeau was a forerunner to the clarinet in having a single contro...
Curtal Reed
By MacEke
Maceke/rein't bass curtal reed