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By Monk
Monk cornettino resin & leather in c. The late Christopher Monk's legacy to early music was the inve...
By Monk
Monk cornetto g-d'" leather covered ebony resin. The late Christopher Monk's legacy to early music w...
EMS Harding Serpent - Our grateful thanks go to David Harding for allowing us to continue production of his extremely popular Harding Serpent since his retirement in 2005. Made from high density polymer, this keyless tenor serpent has a range of C-c” at A440
By Rath
Rath bass sackbutt in F. Michael Rath is an émigré from London (Paxman Horns) who has produced a ser...
Serpent Case
EMS Keyless Serpent Hard Case - Rigid Grey Foam Lined
Cornett Instrumental Tutor
By Monk
How To Play The Cornett
Serpent Case
Soft padded case for EMS serpent
Cornett Mouthpiece
By Monk
Monk Cornetti Mouthpiece - New Large Trumpet
Serpent Mouthpiece
EMS serpent m/piece imit.ivory
By Monk
Monk Cornetto / Cornette Soft Case