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Our prestigious and spacious new showroom at Salts Mill houses a large number of new harpsichords and spinets by Guido Bizzi, an exclusive range of portative organs, as well as second hand harpsichords, spinets, clavichords and virginals. In addition we carry electronic tuners for early keyboards, CDs & sheet music and a wealth of harpsichord hardware (tuning keys, wire, jacks & tongues, accessories). We are always delighted to offer advice and help with a choice of early keyboard (several members of staff are keyboard players), and payment options such as the Take It Away scheme are available for all our customers to ease the financial strain..! In addition we have close working relationships with a number of harpsichord specialists including Peter Barnes and Robert Deegan who are available for harpsichord regulation and tuning. It may be possible to hire keyboards for specific events, please speak to staff for further details.

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Portative Organ Kit
1ft portative organ kit. Supplied with all casework parts fully machined and polished ready for asse...
Spinet Kit
Spinet Delin school, version 1. This version is ready to assemble, the kit parts are delivered cut t...
Harpsichord Kit
Flemish single harpsichord, version 2.In this Version the case arrives already assembled with its wr...
EMS 1' Organ Optional Pipes 2X F# And 2 X Bb
Clavichord Kit

Double fretted clavichord option, wild cherry stand

Portative Organ
2ft portative organ. The EMS 2’ portative is essentially a table instrument with a compass of two oc...
Portative Organ Instrument
3ft portative organ. The EMS 3’ portative has a compass of three octaves F-ff and is essentially a t...
By Bizzi

transposition a=440/415, option for Studio harpsichord

By Bizzi
keyboard in ebony & bone, option for Bentside Spinet
Portative Organ Instrument
4ft portative organ. The all new 4ft portative organ has a manual compass of C-d 52 notes, is made ...